804   valKind and IED versus System configuration

Created: 03 Dec 2011

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: Table 46



Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


The definitions of valKind in Table 46 have in a couple of places indications like "IED template, after IED engineering". In the sentence following table 49, it is stated that "This allows, for example, the definition of IED capabilities..."

However, if we take the specification for RO with FCs CF, DC and settings, it is stated that:
- this applies to the IED template OR after IED configuration
- that it is a read only value at the IED that can only be set at configuration time

so what exactly does this mean? Is it allowed for a system configuration tool to set that value? If yes - how can an IED then indicate that the value is FIX? If no - how can a system configuration tool set a value but still indicate that the value shall be read only later? Obviously, as stated in chapter 5.4, a system configurator is allowed to set configuration and parameter values.

Of course, the ICD file could declare such an attribute as "Conf" but this would be a bad solution, because then it is as well not visible in the data model.

It looks like we are missing here some granularity?


we should add something like a further option "FIX" or maybe "fix-conf" and "fix-RO" if we still want to support the non-visibility of configuration attributes (what I anyway would discourage).

Discussion Created Status
The attribute valImport is introduced with the following meaning:
If its value is true, the IED tool takes any values for the attribute provided in the SCD file, if they are allowed for this data attribute.
If it is false, the IED tool will ignore any SCD values for this data attribute. Therefore the system tool shall not add or modify any values to this attribute.
10 Jun 15 In Force (green)
If a standard fixes values (scalings, units etc), it is the responsibility of the implementing IED to implement according to these values and declare them as fix against the IED tool (valKind=RO, valImport=false). 22 Feb 12 Ballot Period
Principally accepted. However, this defines allowed handling in the engineering process, and NOT the meaning of values. Therefore for this purpse a new attribute valImport with default value false is introduced. valImport=true means that any value set by the system tool will be imported by the IED / IED tool. Thus the proposed 'fix' value is given with valKind=RO and the default valImport=false. 21 Feb 12 Ballot Period
One of the backgrounds of this Tissue (Christoph and I discussed) was the need to specify that a configuration value is standardized and shall not be changed at all. Example: 9-2LE scale factor "0.001" and offset "0".

Once these configuration parameters are standadized in IEC 61869-9 we have to make sure that these values shall not be changed - crucial for interoperability between merging unit and other IEDs. These fixed values form a kind of a profile. Profiles (subsets) are crucial in the future.

We need to flag these values as "fixed". Maybe we can flag a complete type as "fixed" ... and use a more or less standardized type identifier.
03 Dec 11 Triage


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