770   GoID type mitmatch 18.1.1 and

Created: 21 Sep 2011

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)



Clause: 18.1.1 and


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


18.1.1 defines GoID within the GoCB as being a VISIBLE STRING 129
(Shall be as defined in IEC 61850-7-2. The default value of this attribute shall be the GOOSE Control Block reference.)

However defines the GOOSE Telegram parameter goID as being: This VisibleString shall have a maximum size of 65 octets. The value shall be the same as found in the associated GoCB specified by GoID.

Please clarify

Proposal is wrong. Since goID can convey per definition up to the GOOSE Control BLock Reference, it must of course be a VisiblieString that shall have a maximum size of 129 octets.

Discussion Created Status
02 May 12 In Force (green)
accepted 21 Sep 11 Ballot Period


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