673   ConfRev change situation list is not complete

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Created: 10 Sep 2010


Page: 97



Category: No impact on this part

Issue: Copy from standard:
The attribute ConfRev shall represent a count of the number of times that the configuration of the data-set referenced by DatSet has been changed. Changes that shall be counted are:
– any deletion of a member of the data-set;
– the reordering of members of the data-set; and
– successful SetBRCBValues of the DatSet attribute where the DatSet attribute value changes.

The list is not complete.

Proposal: - adding of a member of the DATA-SET
shall also be counted as Dataset Change.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
Adding a member at the end of the data set does not change the semantics of the existing FCDA elements, therefore here an incrementation is not mandatory. However, it is not forbidden to increment ConfRev also in this case. Adding in the middle is also a 'reorder' with mandatory incrementation. 21 Oct 10 blue


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