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Created: 08 Nov 2007


Page: 20

Clause: 6.8 Originator

Paragraph: Table 8 – Values for orCat

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: It is just a question. If an open command is issued by a protection trip, whitch category will this originator have? Is the originator category diferent from an open command issued by an automation function from the same IED?


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If the application providing the position 'knows' the correct orCat, it shall set it (e.g. a logic inside XCBR can set XCBR.Pos.orCat to automatic-bay, or to the orCat provided by a command). If it does NOT know, it provides 'process' (e.g. a bay controller CSWI.Pos which does not know about protection trips or other automatics). 03 May 17 blue
Regarding this, I have a couple of doubts:

- If a breaker is opened due to a protection trip performed by my IED, which orCat will XCBR1.Pos.Origin(ST) have?
a) process (cause no control operation has been performed)
b) automatic-bay
c) other
- If a breaker is opened due to an internal logic inside my IED, but not protection trip, so that no control operation (CSWI1.Pos) is performed, which orCat will XCBR1.Pos.Origin(ST) will have?
a) process (no control operation has been performed)
b) automatic-bay
c) other
- In other words, is the following afirmation right? --> If a state (XCBR1.Pos) changes and NO Control services or GOOSE messages (internal operations, trip.. etc) have been executed to provoque that change of state, orCat shall be "process".

Thanks in advance.
27 Sep 16 blue
According the explanation in 7-3, a control IED would flag it as "process", if the trip has been initiated by another IED. 07 Feb 08 blue


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