439   lower limit of stepSize in ASG

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Created: 09 Nov 2006


Page: 47

Clause: 7.8.2 Analogue setting (ASG)

Paragraph: Table 43

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: The Value Range of stepSize in CDC ASG is limitted to 1 ... (maxVal - minVal).
The Attribute Type of the DataAttribute stepSize is AnalogValue.
The AnalogValue can contain the value in INTEGER (i) and / or FLOATING POINT (f).
If only the INTEGER format is used the limitation 1 ... (maxVal - minVal) is plausible.
If the FLOATING POINT format is used the lower limit of 1 is not plausible.
Why is e.g. 0.1 ... (maxVal - minVal) not allowed ?

See also stepSize in CDC APC.

Proposal: Value Range should be 0 > x >= (maxVal - minVal).

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