437   Overturn Tissue 173

This tissue has following status: blue

Created: 26 Oct 2006





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Tissue 173 should not have been entered as a General tissue. It reverses previous decisions made on 8-1 and does not allow control structures to be specified in SCL.

This was brought to light in a Tissue 433 entered on 8-1.

Proposal: Overturn the resolution of 173, put the CO structures back into 7-3 so that they can be properly specified in SCL. The SCL specification of the attributes must be backward compatible with the old SCL and structures of 7-3 prior to tissue 173 resolution

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
The resolution of the TISSUE 433 is made with the TISSUE 168.
The TISSUE 173 resolves the relation between the 7-2 control services.
ctlVal, origin, ctlNum ... are service parameters of the control services (SBO with enhanced security, Operate, ...).
The CO data attributes defined in 7-3 ED1 are specialized data attributes, i.e. service paramters.
The mapping defines how those specialized data attributes are mapped (for 8-1 see Normative annex E.3 and E.4).
27 Oct 06 blue


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