377   DeleteDataSet response-

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Created: 06 Sep 2006


Page: Table 33

Clause: 14.3.4


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: In case the client requests to delete an unknown dataset, the server does not return one of the error codes in table 33. The server does return: DeleteDataSet {
numberMatched 0,
numberDeleted 0 }

Proposal: Adjust table 33 to specify the expected result as specified above.

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Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
13 Oct 06 green
13 Oct 06 green
29 Sep 06 final proposal
Propose to add another mapping to instance-not-available. The propose change adds an addition mapping table and also corrects another mapping issue (if the number deleted does not match the number matched).

Proposed text is attached.
07 Sep 06 red


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