368   Mapping of analog setpoints (SP)

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Created: 24 Aug 2006


Page: 84 and 86

Clause: 20.5 and 20.7 and


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: The tables show mapping of 7-2 "Value" into xxx$ctlVal. It does not allow the setMag structured attribute of setpoints to be used.

Proposal: Indicate that 7-2 "Value" is mapped to the underlying CDC of the control object. For example, part of PDIS.PoRch setpoint data is mapped to PDIS.PoRch.Oper.setMag.f.
This also requires additional text (and another Table) in Annex E.4 near E.4.4 indicating values for setMag.

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Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
13 Oct 06 green
-Change 3 place 'Where <xxx> is the appropriate CDC (e.g. ctlVal or setMag)' to 'Where <xxx> is the appropriate CDC (e.g. ctlVal or setMag$f or setMag$i)'
-The suggestion for Table E.8 shows mxVal for CDC APC. This CDC has only setMag and not mxVal. The M/O/C entry for this line should be as 'M for APC and ASG'.
-Tables E.9 and E.10 should be modified like E.8 shown above

Replication of Bruce's comment.
12 Oct 06 final proposal
Agree with Bruce's second comment. 12 Oct 06 final proposal
29 Sep 06 final proposal
agreed...Proposed text changes are attached. 07 Sep 06 red


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