266   Open enumeration for range

This tissue has following status: green

Created: 02 Dec 2005


Page: 28 and more

Clause: 7.4.2 and more

Paragraph: Table 22 and more

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: the range values are an enumeration ending with ... The meaning of ... is not formally defined. Further, the rangeC definition, which determines the range value, is not open but fixed. So, either the meaning of ... should be declared better, or it should be removed.

Proposal: Remove the ... from all range enumeration definitions to make it consistent with the rangeC definition and to fix the enumeration definition.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
29 May 07 green
accept to remove the ... 15 Apr 07 final proposal 16.5.2007


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