260   GetFileAttributeValues

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Created: 18 Nov 2005


Page: 93

Clause: 23.2.4

Paragraph: 1

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: In this point of the standard the mapping of ACSI GetFileAttributeValues service is said to be a "sequence of MMS FileDirectory services" and if more than one confirmation is received, then the "MMS Directory entries from all MMS FileDirectory confirmations shall be indicated as part of the ACSI GetFileAttributeValues response +".

In IEC 61850-7-2 page 162 clause FileAttribute[1..n] it is said "The parameter shall contain attribute information describing the selected file. This information consists of the file and time of last modification". In my opinion this means only the information of the file selected.

Apart from that, IEC 61850-8.1 Table 83 comments the mapping of this service. If we map the ACSI Filename parameter to the MMS FileDirectory.Request FileName (FileSpecification) parameter, the request should return only a confirmation with only a directoryEntry.

Proposal: Change Clause 23.2.4 (IEC 61850-8-1) to:

"The ACSI GetFileAttributeValues should be mapped to a MMS FileDirectory service as expressed in table 83. An ACSI GetFileAttributeValues Request shall cause an MMS FileDirectory request to be issued. Only one answer of the MMS FileDirectory should return with the FileName and FileAttributes of the requested file. This is the information that shall be indicated as part of the ACSI GetFileAttributeValues Response +."

Change in Table 83 (col. 2, row 3) "FileName" to "FileSpecification" in the MMS FileDirectory Request to be more accurate.

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