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Created: 24 Oct 2005

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At Hydro-Quebec, we use the local operator HMI at the station level to set any conducting equipment or fonction in local mode.
Once in local mode (at the station level), the equipment or fonction can be controlled from station level (and from bay or process levels) but not from the remote level (RTU).
We haven't found in IEC 61850 any mean to realize this station level individual local mode. See the attached description.


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It might be a good idea to define a logical device for this purpose. Whilst local/remote is simple and straightforward at device level and to some extent oon bay level, station level control might be a bit more complicated.

In or organisation, we always use a three-position switch (remote - remote+local indication - local). Since the substations are unmanned, when nobody is at site all alarms, indications and control functions are disabled by setting the station to remote. The mid position is used when someone is at site but not supposed to do any operation. It means that alarms and indications are operating but control is still not allowed.

Then we of course have substations with more than one owner/operator, where the remote - local switch only applies to a certain part of the plant.
22 Oct 07 Not Applicable
The standard does not explicitely define a method, because there are several methods to do it: between station level devices (IHMI, ITCI) directly, at bay level, or in future even at process level. However it provides the means for this by the originator category in the commands, and by the Loc data, which for higher levels is normally put into the LLN0 of a logical device which represents this level. For station NCC this needs e.g. an LD Stat, where Stat/LLN0.Loc distinghuishes between NCC level and station level access right. Due to free allocation of functions this LD can reside on a bay level IED, station level IED or somewhere else. 27 Oct 05 Not Applicable


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