240   New type of SI unit

This tissue has following status: green

Created: 11 Oct 2005


Page: 61

Clause: Table A.4


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Devices which include LN PFRC to model a "Rate of change of frequency" units need to measure the value of this rate of change. Unit of this magnitude is Hz/s.

Proposal: Add a new value (75) in Table A.4 to represet:

QUANTITY: Rate of change of frequency
UNIT NAME: hertz per second (Hz/s)

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
Ballot expired; set to green 15 May 06 green
Set to final proposal 27 Mar 06 final proposal 27.4.06
I would accept the proposal. Is the value 75 and the group industry specific units conform to ISO 1000? 11 Oct 05 red


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