232   APPID, appID, GoID

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Created: 03 Oct 2005



Clause: Annex C


Category: No impact on this part

Issue: In Annex A, there are two APPID, one in the header (position 17/18)
as in Unsigned16 and one GoID in the body, that was formerly AppID, as a VISIBLESTRING65. While this is clear in 8-1, an update of part 7-2 (Table 29) and 6 (Table 26, where it is called appID) is still required.
Further, there exist in the GSE an appID that is of type tServiceSettingsEnum.

Proposal: The arguments that are semantically identical should receive the same name (respecting upper case, lower case). Those that are not should receive different names. In any case, their use should be harmonized in the different documents.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
There is no problem in 8-1. 24 Oct 05 blue


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