231   ConfRev definition

This tissue has following status: green

Created: 30 Sep 2005



Clause: Annex A

Paragraph: Table 50

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Unsigned integers are defined in 7-2, Table 2 as
INT32U Unsigned integer, 0 to 4 294 967 295
In Part 8, such integers are to be mapped to
the MMS type of Unsigned (Table 2) or rather "unsigned" since this a type derived from MMS "Data".
However, ConfRev in Table 50 should be mapped to the MMS type "int32u" which is not defined in MMS. I presume it should be mapped to MMS "unsigned". But then, this conflicts with Annex A that says it is mapped to an INTEGER. So Annex A must restrict ConfRev to be positive only.


Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
changed to green 02 Dec 05 green
24 Oct 05 final proposal 2005-11-24
I agree with the problem statement. The syntax should be revised to be INTERGER with a restricted range as specified for INT32U.
30 Sep 05 red


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