194   Values for Basic Type ENUMERATED

This tissue has following status: blue

Created: 20 Aug 2005


Page: general



Category: No impact on this part

Issue: Rule for asigning values to ENUMERATED types need be defined.

See also Tissue 193.


Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
editor meeting: Agreed to move to blue 10 Oct 05 blue
This is no final proposal but a reponse. I support movig to blue 23 Sep 05 red
I support moving for final proposal 20 Sep 05 red
I agree that no change is needed. 19 Sep 05 white
The clause already defines the rule for asigning values to enumerated types:
-MMS interger values
-Size of the integer shall be the minimum size required to contain the size of the max value
-Value that are 0 or greater shall be reserved for the values standardized
05 Sep 05 white


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