1856   Semantic of PMRI.StrInhTmm

Created: 09 Dec 2022

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 236

Clause: 6.11.11

Paragraph: Table 112


The description text of 'PMRI.StrIhnTmm' goes
"Actual remaining time to restart inhibition".

This means: remaining time until a blocking will be activated.

Is this the intended semantic?


Please clarify whether the intended semantic is

"remaining time until a blocking will be activated" (as the existing text tells)
or whether it should be

"remaining time until an active blocking will be released".

'InhTmm' specifies the overall inhibition time. A data giving the remaining waiting time until release is not standardized, but is required by users.

Discussion Created Status
The understanding as per latest proposal is welcome. It fulfils the user requirements.

I propose to modify to "remaining time until an active blocking will be released".

I recommend to not use "actual remaining time to restart" since we do not know whether the motor will be restarted automatically.
15 Mar 23 Accepted
After verification with motor protection expert, the intention of StrInhTmm is to expose the time remaining until a motor can be started again.
"remaining time until an active blocking will be released"
"actual remaining time to restart"
could provide a clarified semantic.
15 Mar 23 Accepted
There are other DO we have to consider (as I understand the function):

StrInh - If true, the restart has been inhibited (as a consequence of reaching a limit, for example maximum number of starts or permissible temperature).
InhTmm - Limit for restart inhibition time 'StrInhTmm'. Once the restart has been inhibited ('StrInh'=true), the motor should not be allowed to start until this time has elapsed.

I agree the wording of StrInhTmm might be not clear. I would suggest to change: "Actual remaining time of restart inhibition."
("of" instead of "to").

Does it make sense? Motor protection experts, pls confirm or commment if you have a different opinion.
09 Dec 22 Accepted


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