1835   Extension of Calendar Time by attribute ‘sec’ (second)

Created: 22 Jul 2022

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-3 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 25-26

Clause: 6.10

Paragraph: Table 9 and Figure 4


For nonperiodic schedules the start times are provided as UTC timestamps, which naturally allow to set a start time to a particular hour, minute and second (and even ms).

The definition of Calendar Time for periodic schedules however does not allow to specify the second of a start time, but only the minute. For some applications though this is needed (e. g. for slightly pulling apart identical start times of multiple power units in an electric power grid).


Add attribute with name ‘sec’ to Table 9 in clause 6.10. with attribute type ‘INT8U’, description ‘(range=[0...59]) Second of minute.)’ and presence condition ‘M’.

Add ‘<sec>’ at every line in Figure 4 (e.g. ‘At <mn> minute and <sec> second every hour’).

Discussion Created Status
accepted future 25 Oct 22 Future Improvement
Extension of the Constructed attribute class CalenderTime with a Mandatory Attribute name sec could occur in the next version of 7-3 (future improvement) but should not be introduced as an interop tissue.
Forward comaptibility rules - Use Case 3 - of 7-1 would request as well the special compatibility rule.
11 Oct 22 Approval (Future Improvement)
The requirement seems reasonable. In smart grid applications not all prosumers should change their active power infeed/load in the same second. By differentiating the start time by seconds, a soft change can be executed.
Soft ramp rate of settings in schedules would not be necessary.
22 Jul 22 Accepted


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