1827   blkEna for tripping information

Created: 20 May 2022

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-3 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 33

Clause: 7.3.1 General

Paragraph: Figure 8


The blkEna data attribute is always in combination with substitution, but in my opinion this is an independence feature.

OK, it make no sense to substitute the CDC ACT, ACD, ... but there is an real necessary to block these tripping information, for example for service activities.


Seperate the functionallity "substitution" and "blocking" and add only the "blocking" attribute "blkEna" for CDC with information in monitor direction.

Discussion Created Status
Approved 22 Nov 22 Future Improvement
Set to future improvement as proposed on Oct, 11 22 Nov 22 Approval (Future Improvement)
Propose to set to future improvement
Needs further investigation in the TF 7-5 dealing with GOOSE action used to trigger an excecution of a control operation.
11 Oct 22 Triage
The use case of blocking the tripping information is unclear.
blkEna is about blocking the acquisition from the process : the process value is no longer updated.
When the acquisition is stopped, the substitution allows the user to replace the value.
The binary input aquisition is most likely modelled with either an SPS or SPC, not with an ACT/ACD.
The current modeling of binary inputs is covered by TF 90-29.
23 May 22 Triage


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