1816   Add SICS statement for xsi:type usage in P elements

Created: 23 Mar 2022

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 240

Clause: Annex G

Paragraph: ICT and SCT tables


The section 9.4.3 of part 6 requires to use xsi:type declaration to verify values of P elements.

We need to enforce this statement for ICT and SCT which produce files with P elements


create a statement for ICT and SCT to export P element with xsi:type

Discussion Created Status
Add an optional statement in SICS to verify the export of xsi:type attribute.

Section 9.4.3 shows both possibilities, so it could not be forbidden to have P element without xsi:type, but it is required to have it if we want to check the value
01 Jun 22 Accepted


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