1804   When e.g. LocSta = false, result of command to switch DO Mod with "station-control" not clear.

Created: 22 Dec 2021

Status: Approval (Future Improvement)

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 457

Clause: Annex B

Paragraph: -


The result of command (with originator category e.g. "remote-control" or "station-control") to switch the state of DO Mod is not clear.

Is the possibility of changing the state of the DO Mod dependent on the state of the e.g. DO LocSta. Or are the DO Loc, LocSta, LocKey only for the control of primary switchgears (e.g. XCBR, CSWI...)

For example:
ID1 LLNo.LocSta.StVal = false
Is it possible to change the DO Mod by command if originator category = "station-control".

Ist die Möglichkeit zum Wechseln des Zustand des DO Mod abhängig vom Zustand des z.B. DO LocSta.
Zum Beispiel:
ID1 LLNo.LocSta.StVal = false
Ist es möglich das DO Mod per Komando zu ändern, wenn originator category = "station-control" ist.

Oder ist es nur möglich den Zustand des DO Mod zu ändern, wenn die originator category dem richtigen Zustand des z.B. DO LocSta entspricht.

The DO Mod already has exceptions for the test flag. (See Tissue 1769). Are further exceptions or clarifications necessary here?


Add a description in Appendix B, which describes the behavior of the DO Mod in the local / remote concept.

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Discussion Created Status
This it not a trivial question.
I would suggest to transfer this tissue to the future TF for revision of 7-5/7-500, where we already collect questions/tissues about the mechanism reg. Loc/Rem and Mod.

So my proposal --> future improvement.
20 Jan 22 Approval (Future Improvement)


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