1771   SCL Services ReportControl max vs. Indexed

Created: 19 Mar 2021

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: Table 24

Clause: Table 24

Paragraph: Table 24


It is not clear how to calculate the SCL Services ReportControl max value when a ReportControl is "not indexed" with "RptEnabled max=5".
Should this count as 1 or as 5?

When indexed it's clear that it will count as 5. Unbuffered report control are allowed to be not-indexed and RptEnabled max>1


Clarify: ReportControl "not indexed" with "RptEnabled max=5".
count as 1 or as 5

Discussion Created Status
For unbuffered, indexed false and max > 1 is valid only for the case where only one instance is visible on each TPAA (up to max). In this case, count = max (5).

For buffered, indexed = false and max > 1 is invalid.
23 Sep 21 Accepted
even if ReportControl is not indexed, for each client, an instance shall be created and reserved, to the count shall be 5 (see 61850-7-2 ed2.1 §17.2.1)

propose to make a editorial change
23 Sep 21 Discussion (red)
to discuss 23 Sep 21 Accepted


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