1771   SCL Services ReportControl max vs. Indexed

Created: 19 Mar 2021

Status: Approval (Editoral)

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: Table 24

Clause: Table 24

Paragraph: Table 24


It is not clear how to calculate the SCL Services ReportControl max value when a ReportControl is "not indexed" with "RptEnabled max=5".
Should this count as 1 or as 5?

When indexed it's clear that it will count as 5. Unbuffered report control are allowed to be not-indexed and RptEnabled max>1


Clarify: ReportControl "not indexed" with "RptEnabled max=5".
count as 1 or as 5

Discussion Created Status
for approval 07 Feb 23 Approval (Editoral)
In addition to the first proposal made on 21 Nov, add following RptEnabled restriction:

RptEnabled restrictions
• When ReportControl buffered=false and indexed=false, RptEnabled max shall be 1 or equal to DynAssociation max attribute.
01 Dec 22 Discussion (red)
Agree that only 1 or DynAssociation@max should be allowed for RptEnabled@max when indexed=false. Other values would result in inconsistent client/server behavior. 28 Nov 22 Discussion (red)
If indexed=false and RptEnabled@max = 50% of DynAssociation@max then which associations will have the RCB visible? Is it a race condition as to whether an association needing the RCB actually gets it? Would the server data model need to change depending upon whether it was first or last client association (i.e. does the service GetURCBValues return failure to some but not all clients?)

It should be an error to declare for unindexed reports anything other than the 2 specific values of RptEnabled@max as mentioned in the previous comment. If this new requirement is accepted then a new conditional conformance test would need to be written and the TISSUE processed as a interoperability issue and not simply editorial.
22 Nov 22 Discussion (red)
For unbuffered, RptEnabled@max = 1 or DynAssociation@max should be allowed.
Agree that RptEnabled@max=DynAssociation@max indicates each client sees a unique instance.
RptEnabled@max = 1 indicates a single instance visible to all clients.
22 Nov 22 Discussion (red)
If max > 1 and indexed=false then each client association gets a unique RCB invisible to all other associations. If ReportControl@max < DynAssociation@max then there is an inconsistency because some of the last clients to make an association will not "see" the RCB.
Suggested change is to either ignore ReportControl@max when indexed=false or require that the value be >= DynAssociation@max (except for rule that for BRCB max=1 is only value allowed)
22 Nov 22 Discussion (red)
Add following sentence after the RptEnabled definition:

The count of instances created by the device is independant from the indexed attribute. The attribute max is indicating the number of instance created by the device and the attribute indexed indicates if the each instance name is created with the index number.
21 Nov 22 Approval (Editoral)
If tissue is set to editorial, the solution / change needs to be provided in either an attachment or in the discussion 11 Oct 22 Discussion (red)
Add clarification on RptEnalbed max=5 usage when not indexed 04 Oct 22 Approval (Editoral)
To integrate as editorial 04 Oct 22 Discussion (red)
For unbuffered, indexed false and max > 1 is valid only for the case where only one instance is visible on each TPAA (up to max). In this case, count = max (5).

For buffered, indexed = false and max > 1 is invalid.
23 Sep 21 Accepted
even if ReportControl is not indexed, for each client, an instance shall be created and reserved, to the count shall be 5 (see 61850-7-2 ed2.1 §17.2.1)

propose to make a editorial change
23 Sep 21 Discussion (red)
to discuss 23 Sep 21 Accepted


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