1768   Server associate-request has no SCL parameters

Created: 16 Mar 2021

Status: Approval (Future Improvement)

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 29

Clause: 9

Paragraph: Table 11


Part 7-2 specifies a new service that a server can send the associate request and then the client replies the associate respond. Both client and server and the engineer need to know if such service is supported and when yes how to configure this in SCL.
There are no parameters for this yet in part 6 and 8-1.


Add the following SCL parameters:
- SCL Service parameter to indicate the server has the capability to send the associate request
- SCL Service parameter to indicate the client has the capability to receive the associate request (and send the associate respond)
- SCL communication parameter P type to indicate who is sending the associate request

Discussion Created Status
Agreed to add new Client services to indicate support of association request initiated by the server.

As this is already stated in PICS, this is not an interop tissue, but a future improvement
01 Mar 22 Approval (Future Improvement)
Forgot to add, that an additional attribute would be needed to indicate that a Client can accept an associate request. 01 Feb 22 Discussion (red)
I believe that it would be better to address this in the Services section of -6 instead of 8-1 or a P-Type.

The simple way to accomplish this may be to just declare if there are Client capabilities, it can initiate an associate, or just add an attribute to indicate it.

I do not believe that this should be reflected in the Server Services.

Placing it in the services section allows to the capability to be associated at the IED or AP level.
01 Feb 22 Discussion (red)
Shall this requirement be defined first in 8-1?

Definition of P elements comes from SCSM
23 Sep 21 Discussion (red)
to discuss 23 Sep 21 Accepted


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