1760   OMulti for MMET data objects

Created: 25 Feb 2021

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #972 MMET altitude data

Page: 210

Clause: 6.10.10

Paragraph: Table 97


Within the wind domain it is foreseen need for OMUlti for the following Data Objects in MMET:


In the wind domain there can be multiple sensors for the same kind of measurement (e.g. wind speed) at the same altitude.
Following established modelling praxis in wind domain and OEM consensus
MMET instances in 61400-25 modells Sensor altitude (not measurement altitude) of metrological mast or a metrological installation on a turbine. As there shall be one instance of WMET per altitude in IEC 61400-25, OMulti is required for the stated DOs.

Discussion Created Status
Approved Future Improvement 03 Jun 21 Future Improvement
Proposal: Change to future improvement. 16 Mar 21 WGApprovalFutureImprovement
As tissue #972 is assigned to future improvement, I tend to state this tissue also to future improvement.

In #972, we have suggested to model Alt (altitude at MSL) in LN MMET. So it will be possible to combine in one instance DO ALT with the other measurements. As many LN instances as sensors at different ALT level could be modelled.
05 Mar 21 Triage


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