1741   LGOS/LSVS - Become Top Level Logical Nodes

Created: 01 Dec 2020

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1792 Mandatory Support of LGOS/LSVS

Page: 63

Clause: 6.1 Logical Node Classes - General

Paragraph: Figure 3


There are no mandatory requirements for GOOSE and/or SV subscribers to support LGOS and/or LSVS. The only mandatory requirement is for LGOS/LSVS to be instantiated on a per subscription basis, however some it is optional to support LGOS/LSVS. Support for LGOS/LSVS is critical to having a comprehensive GOOSE/SV supervision scheme.

LGOS/LSVS are currently classified as domain LNs, and are not considered a "Top Level Logical Node" like LPHD, LLN0, DomainLN.


It is proposed to have LGOS/LSVS be converted from a DomainLN type, to a new top-level LN, similar to LLN0, which has requirements for mandatory support.

Other L nodes (LTRK, LTMS, LCCH, LTIM, etc.) may be considered in the future as top-level LN.

Discussion Created Status
Agree that this is not an issue that can be solved in part 7-4. 15 Feb 21 Not Applicable
It seems that this tissue is not related to part 7-4. I propose ApprovalNotApplicable. Maybe it shall be discussed in part 7-1 or part 6. 08 Dec 20 WGApprovalNotApplicable
To clarify, this TISSUE is requesting that if an IED supports GOOSE/SV subscriptions, that LGOS/LSVS shall be supported according to the standard as well (one per subscription). 02 Dec 20 Triage
The tissue will not be accepted because there is no such LNclass type in part 7-4. The term top-level is used to describe a concept of the UML model and not to define "top-level" LN instances.
Logical nodes from the group SystemLN are identifed as system functions which have a general purpose for all domains. In part 7-2 (table38) only LLN0 and LPHD (at most one) have a specific role in the logical device.
The need to have LGOS/LSVS in real projects (what I can fully support- LGOS/LSVS is really needed to identify simulation modes) can only be defined in IED or system specifications (e.g. by SSD). A good approach is to create a user/user group profile, so vendors see the required LNclasses.
02 Dec 20 Triage


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