1734   Improved schema validation

Created: 11 Nov 2020

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1668 Additional P element schema restrictions

Page: 169

Clause: A.5

Paragraph: 1


The type checking of tP_OSI-xxx using schema validation could be improved by updating the schema file SCL_Communication.xsd


See attached XSD file for revisions and documentation

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Discussion Created Status
should we set that to future improvement? 03 Jun 21 Discussion (red)
proposal to be integrated 22 Feb 21 Discussion (red)
accepted 22 Feb 21 Accepted
I agree with the proposed changed as a future improvement: there was never a interop problem raised. Could be part of Ed2.2 schema.
11 Feb 21 Triage


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