1728   Definitions on LocSta

Created: 23 Oct 2020

Status: Triage

Part: Part 7-1 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 36 of Ed2A1_INF



Issue: The standard does not define how LD.LLN0.LocSta impacts to subordinate levels.

For LD.LLN0.Loc vs. LN.Loc a dominance statement can be found in Part 7-4 (see description to LLN0.Loc), but not for LocSta.

Proposal: The applicational idea expressed in the L/R concept to be detailed in Part 7-1, to allow a further refinement in Part 7-4 Annex B.

A definition may result in a future extension of the description for LLN0.LocSta:
"If this 'LocSta' (in the logical device) is in contradiction to the 'Loc.Sta' of any other contained logical node, control authority at station level is always dominant (see also Annex B)."

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