1726   Enumeration ClockSyncKind of LTMS.TmSyn is not correct

Created: 21 Oct 2020

Status: Conformance Test Preparation

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #974 Clock Master TmSyn , #686 New annex H - enums types in XML

Page: 433 in CSV

Clause: 7.2.11

Paragraph: Table 219


The enumeration ClockSyncKind in amd2.1 is not backward compatible with the definition in ed.2.0. Removal of an enum value and change a semantic of an enumerated value are forbidden cases acc. part 7-1.


Correct the enumeration list in part 7-4 and in the NSD file.

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Discussion Created Status
Next step is to prepare/change conformance tests if necessary. 07 Jun 21 Conformance Test Preparation
UC15: modification of enumeration literals (1-2-3 to 0-1-2, to be aligned with part 9-2 messages).
Conclusion: no compatibility issues! Backwards compatibility: achievable.
04 Jun 21 Analysis Of Compatibility
Change status 13 Apr 21 Verify Draft Implementation
Agreed proposal as in ClockSyncKind_for 2007A4 and 2007B4.txt.
We go to next stage (Drafting implementation).
01 Dec 20 Drafting Implementation
Agree with proposal to modify 61850-7-4 to align with 61850-9-2 29 Nov 20 Discussion (red)
Edition2 (2007A3) enum list is not consistent with part9-2 and original annex H of part 7-4 (:2010), because for value=0 the semantic was "not synchronized internal clock".

Therefore my proposal for future 2007B4 in attachment ClockSyncKind.txt.

22 Oct 20 Discussion (red)


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