1712   Class of traffic SCL not in line with part 6

Created: 20 Aug 2020

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 8-1 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 168

Clause: 25.3.3

Paragraph: Table 164


In table 164 (Definitions for GSE/SMV over UDP?IP SCL) only parameter IP-ClassOfTraffic is mentioned and in part 6 there is a separate definition for IPv6 named IPv6ClassOfTraffic.


IPv6ClassOfTraffic should be added to table with m/o value AllOrNone(2). Value IP-ClassOfTraffic should be marked as AllOrNone(3) instead of "m".

Discussion Created Status
I understand that from 8-1 perspective this is not applicable. Should we create a TISSUE in Part 6 to remove IPv6ClassOfTraffic? 06 Dec 21 Discussion (red)
8-1 is correct and the P-type IP-ClassOfTraffic semantic is predicated upon the P-type specifying the type of IP-Address. For R-GOOSE and R-SV there can only be 1 destination IP address.

Therefore, 8-1 constrains what can be used within SCL for R-GOOSE and R-SV.
27 Nov 20 Approval (N/A)
IPv6ClassOfTraffic has been defined too early,
Part 8-1 is responsible for the required p-type extensions and the p-type IP-ClassOfTraffic is mandatory in table 164 and serves both IPv4 and IPv6 transport.

In othere word, usage of p-type IPv6ClassOfTraffic is neither defined, used or required per 8-1.

propose to move to not applicable
03 Sep 20 Triage


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