1710   CDCs with SG and SE

Created: 12 Aug 2020

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-3 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 76 & later on

Clause: 7.6

Paragraph: 7.6


According to the UML scheme common data classes XXX_SG and XXX_SE are completely indepentent of each other. I understand it so that I can use either CDC with SG or with SE. I can't have both functional constraints in one CDC.

This contradicts to edition 2 and edition 1 and creates big compatibility issues.


Roll back to edition 2.

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setting to not applicable 24 Sep 20 Not Applicable
setting to not applicable 24 Sep 20 Approval (N/A)
The UML is an illustration. The text in clause 7.6.1 is clear:

settings that belong to a setting group: they have a functional constraint SG. The values of these settings can be edited through the functional constraint SE. For details of the use of setting groups see IEC 61850-7-2.
Modelling note: whenever setting groups may apply, the setting common data class is split into one "abstract" and three dedicated classes, one for each of the functional constraints SP, SG, SE:
– the class XXX_SG shall be used for status settings that do belong to a setting group. It represents the active value of the status setting. To get or to optionally set value of the status setting from the group selected for editing (see IEC 61850-7-2), the class XXX_SE shall be used.

_SE and _SG are not exxclusive. There is no change between Ed2 and Ed2.1 except the UML illustrations that may be confusing.

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