1708   Presence of Sample Mode field not controllable through SmvOpts

Created: 03 Aug 2020

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 104ff

Clause: 9.3.11

Paragraph: Smv Options element


The Sample Mode field (sample-mode, SmpMod in 7-2, smpMod in 9-2) is an optional field that may go with the SV messages.
The SVMessageOptions in part 7-2 (and part 8-1) contain sample-mode, so the mechanism to control this is modeled.

But there is no element in SmvOpts in the SCL to explicitly control the presence of smpMod in the SV messages.

attributeGroup name="agSmvOpts
Table 31


Add an element "sample-mode" to SmvOpts in the SCL to explicitly control if the optional field smpMod shall be present in the SV messages or not.

Discussion Created Status
Approve 11 Oct 22 Future Improvement
not interop tissue -> future improvement 23 Sep 21 Approval (Future Improvement)
It is probably an oversight and simply an incomplete feature set in part 6.
So, the fix to add a corresponding element to the SCL would be a (future) improvement.
04 Jun 21 Discussion (red)
is that interoperability or future improvement? 03 Jun 21 Discussion (red)
proposal to add OptFlds.sampleMode attribute 22 Feb 21 Discussion (red)
Accepted 22 Feb 21 Accepted


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