1693   Root Node Mode and Behavior

Created: 28 Apr 2020

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1691 Contradictory statement for Mod.stVal

Page: 430

Clause: Figure 44

Paragraph: Note:


When the operator inserts the test plug, the binary input of the IED goes high and the behavior of the IED will be set to Test. In this case, whether we need to update the Mod.stval also to test, so that Mod.stVal & Beh.stVal will be the same as per the note in the figure.


Maybe we need to remove this note in figure 44 or need to add the clear statement regarding the mode and behavior relationship at the root node.

Discussion Created Status
Set links to 1691. 17 Jun 20 Accepted
Local issue / local action is outside of the standard. It should also not be tested for certification. 29 Apr 20 Accepted
As per Annex A, we have stated Mod.stval can be set through IED local action. Please confirm, whether we can set Mod.stVal using BI or using any internal logics.

"Switching between the modes (Mod.stVal) should only happen as a result of an operator command to the data object Mod. This can be a remote command as well as a result of an IED local action
28 Apr 20 Triage


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