1682   ITCI.Alm description text

Created: 11 Mar 2020

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 184

Clause: 6.8.5

Paragraph: Table 81


The description text of ITCI.Alm „If true, safety alarm trigger status n is active.“ appears to be mistaken. ITCI.Alm is not linked to safety issues.


Propose to modify the description text of ITCI.Alm to „If true, alarm trigger status n is active.“

Also to be modified in Table 209.

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Discussion Created Status
Change is included in the UMLmodel now. When we publish the new NSD, it will be there. 13 Apr 21 Editorial
I agree. 17 Jun 20 Editorial
Accepted as editorial improvement.

Can we include that in the model now, such that whenever we need to issue a new NSD due to an interoperability issue, it will be available?
17 Jun 20 Editorial
Agree, editorial improvement. 24 Mar 20 WGApprovalEditorial
Question to experts: should we follow the "editorial" path or it is rather a tiisue for the normal path and "low-hanging-fruit" and easy to change in NSD , having no impact in testing?

20 Mar 20 Discussion (red)
This tissue is accepted. In IEC 61850-7-4 ed.2 (2010) the semantic description of Alm has no safety in mind. It seems, this is a copy-paste error from the early days of UML modelling.

Proposal should be implemented and published in 7-4 NSD asap.
11 Mar 20 Accepted


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