165   Improper Error Response for GetDataSetValues

Created: 20 May 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)


Page: 47

Clause: 14.3.1


Issue: During testing, a GetDataSetValues requests was executed for a non-existent DataSet. Table 28 indicates that a listOfAccessResult needs to be returned, but the MMS specification indicates that OBJECT-UNDEFINED as a ReadResponseError is the correct response.

Table 23 does not differentiate between AccessResultErrors and error responses.

This impacts several abstract cases.

Proposal: The tables in 14.3.1 need to be clarified for the negative response cases to not refer to Table 23. We need to create another table that discusses the class/code combinations to be returned in the response- case. For the case in point, the response- for Table 28 needs to indicate that the ACSI instance-not-available be translated to an MMS ErrorResponse of class=DEFINITION/code=OBJECT-UNDEFINED.

Discussion Created Status
19 Aug 05 Ballot Period
Since the issue is an ACCESS error (e.g. VGET in MMS), I suggest a minor change to the original proposal and that a MMS ErrorResponse of Class= ACCESS and Error Code= OBJECT-NON-EXISTENT be returned. 23 May 05 Triage


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