1637   GoEnable

Created: 08 Nov 2018

Status: Not Applicable

Part: General


Page: 115



Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


I just have a question. In the Standard it defines what is GoEnable but does not answer my question. By using GoEnable to enable and disable a GOOSE message mid transmission, will stNum and sqNum be reset or should they start from their previous value?


More information about the consequences of using GoEnable on stNum and sqNum.

Discussion Created Status
7-2 Ed2 - : The initail value for StNum upon a transition of GoEna to TRUE shall be one.

7-2 Ed2 - : The initail value for SqNum upon a transition of GoEna to TRUE is recommended to be one.
28 Nov 18 Not Applicable
Dear Mehrdad Kazemtabrizi, please consider that this is not a help-desk. But please read part 7-2(2010), clauses and for the stNum and sqNum definitions. 09 Nov 18 Triage


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