1609   Is it mandatory to check confRev for GOOSE subscriber and shall this be standardized?

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Created: 02 Jan 2018

Links: #1503 Is it mandatory to check confRev for GOOSE subscriber? And if yes, should it be a standardized rule?

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Issue: (Note: this tissue is a resubmission of Tissue#1503)

In -8-1, recommended checking of ConfRev:
"NOTE The reception of a GOOSE message with a different ConfRev value from what was expected indicates a potential configuration mismatch. It is recommended that an implementation may need to try to automatically reconcile the difference or not process the received GOOSE if reconciliation is not possible. This is a local implementation issue. "

The question is:
ConfRev is one of goose header elements (goID, gocbRef, ...), should confRev checking rule be standardized (rule means: if confRev shall be checked, and if yes how is it check)?
If yes, what about the checking rules for rest of header elements?

Proposal: Add a paragraph to standardize all goose headers' checking rules (confRev, goID, gocbRef, ...) during procedures of goose subscribing, or keep confRev and the rest of goose header elements checking rule a local implementation, defined by subscriber in PIXIT.Gs1.

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confRef mismatch is a "hint" to the subscriber that the publisher may have a different configuration than expected. The appropriate action to take in this situation is dependent on the application - a local issue.

Also, as noted in the linked 1503, Ed2 is closed to new TISSUE.
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