1597   Discrepancy in CnfEdit definition

This tissue has following status: blue

Created: 15 Sep 2017


Page: 84

Clause: 16.2.1

Paragraph: Table 36

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Table 36 in 7-2 identifies CnfEdit data attribute as being only writable.
However, Clause 16.2.4 in Part 8-1 suggests it should be readable as well.

Proposal: Change the r/w property of the CnfEdit attribute in Table 36 to "r/w".

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
CnfEdit was never intended to be read on the ACSI interface (see GetSGCBValue).
Due to the 8-1 mapping of the SGCB Class, the 9-1 mapping of the GetSGCBValue returns a value for the CnfEdit attribute that has no semantic meaning.
Similar to the reading $CO$ service parameters. Their reading is out of scope of IEC 61850.
CnfEdit remains W only in 7-2.
06 Oct 17 blue
Editorial tissoe to be be considered in Ed2.1 FDIS.
15 Sep 17 red


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