1581   Synchrophasor positive sequence cannot be mapped to SEQ cdc

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Created: 18 May 2017


Page: 38

Clause: 7.4.7


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Most of currently available PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units) are able
to compute the positive sequence using synchrophasor filtering algorithms.

In application where we would transmit synchrophasor values using the IEC61850-90-5 TR
transport, this computed value needs to be mapped to the IEC61850 model.

Current there is no possibility to map correctly this value to IEC61850 due to these 2 issues:

1.The PhaseReferenceKind enum type which define the angle reference doesn't
have a "Synchrophasor" value like the PhaseAngleReferenceKind has.

2.Most PMUs only computes the positive sequence using PMU algorithms, but
the SEQ cdc doesn't allow a single sequence to be present (c1,c2,c3 are
all Mandatory).

Proposal: To fix these 2 issues I would propose:

1.Add an enum value to the PhaseReferenceKind enum as follow:
<EnumVal ord="3">Synchrophasor</EnumVal>

2.In the SEQ cdc, change c2 and c3 From Mandatory to Optional in case where
phsRef attribute is "Synchrophasor".

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
21 Oct 18 green
Issue will be applied to next Revision (Amd 1)

Suggest Proposal as Final Proposal:
- Add "Synchrophasor" to enumeration
- In SEQ, change condition of c2 and c3 to OMSynPh - Optional if value of PhsRef is "Synchrophasor", otherwise mandatory
26 Apr 18 final proposal 26.4.18


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