1579   Documentation of Retransmission curve for GOOSE Publishers

Created: 18 Apr 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)

Links: #1571 Need attribute to define Incremental factor




Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Tissue 1571 (entered on Part 6) was requesting that the GOOSE re-transmission curve for GOOSE be documented in SCL. Tissue 1571 was turned "blue" and the UCA Testing Committeee has concluded that this type of documentation needs to be provided in the User's Guide/documentation associated with the IED and should not be documented in SCL.

This tissue is being entered so that vendors are aware that this documentation is needed in the manuals associated with an IED.


GOOSE re-transmission curves must be documented in the documentation provided with the IED.

Discussion Created Status
National committee comments have been received and addressed. The specification of the retransmission curve has been deemed out-of-scope. 28 Jun 18 Not Applicable
IEC 61850-8-1 Ed2.1 CDV is out for comment through the NCs. Please enter a comment there. 25 Apr 17 Discussion (red)
Add also that vendors SHALL document how the Time-Allowed-to-Live curve is constructed. 20 Apr 17 Triage
"documentation" refers to vendor documents such as user manual - these are not considered in IEC 61850 conformance testing.

retransmission curve / algorithm is specifically a local/implementation issue.
18 Apr 17 Triage


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