1578   dataAttribute NameSpace content

This tissue has following status: green

Created: 03 Apr 2017

Links: #1577 data attribute namespace in SCL




Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: It is not clear that all name space related attributes (with functional constraint "EX") shall have an valid value.
The "" Ns value is not defined.
It concerns:
ldNs, lnNs, dataNs, (cdcNs)

Proposal: Force Ns attribute when present to be set to a valid Ns descption.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
Proposal has beeen accepted.

The description of the atributes in part 7-3 will be reflecting that proposal
26 Apr 18 green
Conclusion: As proposal. That initialization shall be done through the SCL file. 23 Mar 18 final proposal 23.4.18
See clause 5, Table 1 for AC_LN0_M (ldNs), AC_DLD_M (lnNs) and AC_DLNDA_M (dataNs) clarifying when they should be available. Part 7-1, clause 13.4.x also doesn't allow empty entries. So if that attributes show up they shall be initialized with a valid entry, as specified in part 7-1, clause 13.3.2 . 04 Apr 17 white


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