1571   Need attribute to define Incremental factor

Created: 01 Mar 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)

Links: #1579 Documentation of Retransmission curve for GOOSE Publishers

Page: 91


Paragraph: Section 9.4.4

Category: No impact on this part


In Page 91 under the section 9.4.4 , the standard defined the tags MinTime and MaxTime for defined the Minimum and maximum cycle time for setting the publisher transmission curve parameters. It doesnot have any tag which represents the incremental factor (exponential factor) which tells how the next retransmission interval is calculated.


I would suggest to add incremental factor as another sub tags for the GSE address defi

<GSE ldInst="Master" cbName="GoCB01">
<P type="MAC-Address">01-0C-CD-01-00-00</P>
<P type="APPID">0001</P>
<MinTime unit="s" multiplier="m">4</MinTime>
<MaxTime unit="s" multiplier="m">15000</MaxTime>

Discussion Created Status
Blue tissues can't make normative changes or suggestions. Therefore, the sentence regarding changing the PIXIT would add no benefit to testing and is out of scope for testing. It is suggested that this information be provided in the user's manual. 25 Apr 17 Not Applicable
According to IEC61850-8-1 the way how to come from Mintime to Maxtime is a private / local issue. Some incremental factor is only one of the possible implementation methods, there are also others. Especially it was never meant to be configurable in a standard way. Therefore we have to leave this open in SCL; instead it shall be documented in the PIXIT. 01 Mar 17 Not Applicable


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