1569   How to track Select service in service tracking?

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Created: 16 Feb 2017


Page: 178,179

Clause: Clause 20.6.2 Control service tracking (CTS)


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Clause 20.6.2

From Table 55(Control service tracking (CTS) definition), CTS class has the following attributes: ctlVal, operTm, origin, ctlNum, T, Test, Check, respAddCause.

But Select request doesn't have these attributes. How to track Select service?


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12 Jun 17 green
The definition of the control service tracking is be extend with:
The value of the attributes in a CTS instance that are not used within the signature of a given service (for instance ctlVal is not defined in the signature of the service Select – select without values) are arbitrary and shall NOT be used for tracking purposes.
03 Apr 17 final proposal 2017-May-03
The content of the attribute ctlVal, operTm, origin, ctlNum, T, Test, Check, respAddCause is arbitrary when serviceType = Select.
Any value could be used. For instance the value of the last operate or cancel service.
The (CTS) definition is to be extended in 7-3 Ed2.1 to expose that the content of the above mentioend attribute are irrelevant when serviceType = Select.

08 Mar 17 red


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