1509   Use of reserved domains

Created: 05 Sep 2016

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 9-3 (Precision Time Protocol Profile)


Page: 13

Clause: 8


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


"Note 1: A clock is settable to any domain number (0 to 255) even if this value is reserved."
This note only says that the settable range of a clock shall be 0..255, regardless if the setting is by a display on the clcok or by network management.
However, IEC/IEEE 61588:2008 prohibits the use of reserved time domains in the range 127-255.


Add to the Note:
The network engineer is advised not to use the reserved value before IEC/IEEE 61588 defines their use, considering the implications. Trespassing could lead to unpredictable behaviour with newer devices.

Discussion Created Status
As this discussion has become obsolete, the Tissue status should rather be "blue", i.e. no impact on Ed2. 08 Nov 18 Not Applicable
This discussion has become obsolete as IEEE P1588 toleerates the domain 254. 27 Dec 17 In Force (green)


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