1493   SelectActiveSG to current ActSG value will cause LActTm change or not?

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Created: 11 May 2016


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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Semantic for LActTm:
"The attribute LActTm shall identify the time when the last service SelectActiveSG has been processed successfully."
The description does not clarify: whether updating actSG to CURRENT value causes LActTm change or not, e.g.: ActSG=1, SelectActiveSG(ActSG=1), and response from server is positive. Will LActTm be updated to the time of SelectActiveSG?

Proposal: please clarify.

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It seems that the question is whether or not a response+ means "service SelectActiveSG has been processed successfully."

I would say that this language means yes, although I think Thierry provided the better solution.

Proposer should provide NC comment to change the text "last service SelectActiveSG has been processed successfully." to "the last change of active SG"
30 Jun 16 blue
SelectActiveSG of current ActSG has no impact on the behaviour of the protection function.
Therefore, I would propose to not modify the LActTm, even if the SelectActiveSG.response is positive, as it does not represent a successfull processing but just an acknowldgement that the requested setting group is active.
13 May 16 red


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