1488   Parameter-change-in-execution semantic definition not clear enough

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Created: 09 Apr 2016

Links: #1464 clarification of Addcause 6

Page: 171

Clause: AddCause – additional cause diagnosis

Paragraph: Table 54 – AddCause semantic

Category: No impact on this part

Issue: In table 54 this addcause semantic is defined as "Control action is blocked due to running parameter change." however it is still not clear enough.
Under which condition is this addcause triggered? what does the "parameter" mean? Is the "parameter" in client control commands (I suppose not, as control cmd param change of origin/ctlNum/... causes "Inconsistent-parameters" in ed2)? or any private parameter in server?

Proposal: Illustrate at least one example to clarify semantic of "Parameter-change-in-execution"

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If this addcause applies at all depends on the IED functionality as well as its special implementation.
Example 1: new configuration data is loaded to the IED. As the control functionality depends on this data, it might be blocked during loading, or during restart of the IED after loading.
Example 2: New settings are set. After setting confirmation the IED checks the validity of the settings. During this phase any command e.g. to switch protection LNs off or on might be blocked.
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