1433   URCB Resv during an association lost/abor/release

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Created: 18 Aug 2015

Links: #1432 Resv required to be set before configuring URCB

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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: There is nothing specified if a Server device shall reset an reserved URCB after the association got lost/were aborted/released.

Proposal: The server shall set Resv to FALSE after association lost/release/abort to avoid a blocked URCB. If a non-persistent dataset were used the UCRB needs anyhow a reconfiguration.

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Valid with Ed2.1 16 Dec 15 green
For URCB not reserved by SCL, The server shall set Resv to FALSE after association lost/release/abort.

See TISSUE 1432 also. SCL issues are addressed there.
28 Oct 15 final proposal 28 November 2015
A lost client does not automatically mean that the client releases the URCB. Having a link to a non persistent data set is a special case. The reset may only be appropriate if Resv has been set with communication services directly or indirectly via RptEna, but even then not always, if the data set is preconfigured or persistently defined. If it has been reserved via SCD file, it must stay reserved. 26 Aug 15 red

as a non-persistent data-set will be deleted at association lost, the datSet attribute will automatically be emptied too.
19 Aug 15 red


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