143   Time activated responses

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Created: 01 Apr 2005


Page: 83


Paragraph: Table 69

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: The mapping of the time activated operated include 2 identical information reports:
2nd response,
command termination.
Both are carrying the same ListOfVariable: "Oper".
There is no chance to distinguish them.

Proposal: Please make them different.

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Actual changes need to be made in clause 20.7.2 and 20.9 16 Feb 06 green
changed to green 13 Jan 06 green
Change clause 20.9 to mandate that the CMDTerm_req+ shall have the value of OperTm=0. This value shall be used to indicate CMDTermination. 02 Dec 05 final proposal 09/01/2006
The issue needs to be considered together with Fig 37 of 7-2.

When using Time activated control, the sequence of responses is as follows:

7-2 8-1
TimOper_rsp+ Write response (Success)
TimOper_rsp+ InformationReport(Oper)
CmdTerm_req+ InformationReport(Oper)

It is the last two 8-1 messages that can not be distinguished.
20 Sep 05 red


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