1413   Naming of RmpTmmDec/RmpDecTmm and RmpTmmInc/RmpIncTmm

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Created: 15 Jun 2015


Page: 34, 50, 82

Clause: 6.2.7, 7.3.3,


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: On page 34, 6.2.7 and page 50 example table, there are parameters named RmpTmmDec and RmpTmmInc.

On page 82,, Table 21 there are parameters named RmpDecTmm and RmpIncTmm.

These appear to be the same, so one of these spellings is wrong.

Proposal: There appears to be a pattern with the last part of the data object name being the time, so presumably the correct names should be: RmpDecTmm and RmpIncTmm.

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