1412   WGra has multiple definitions

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Created: 15 Jun 2015


Page: 27, 48, 79, 89

Clause: 6.1.4, 7.3.2,, 8.9.1


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: WGra is defined multiple times in different ways:
Paragraph 6.1.4: "WGra is defined as a percentage of WMax per second"
Is also mentioned on page 28, 6.1.7, Table 2 with this meaning.

It has a different meaning on page 48, 7.3.2: "If the grid frequency continues to increase, the power cap will be reduced by following the gradient parameter (WGra),defined as percent of PM per Hertz."
It uses this same meaning again in the example on page 49 and the graphs of Figure 18.
And again on page 89, and page 90 Table 24.

On page 79,, Table 19: "Default ramp rate for changes in active power: percentage of WMax"
This description has no time information.

Proposal: 1) The gradient parameter for frequency-watt mode FW21 should have a different name.

2) Add time to description in Table 19.

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