1401   Supervision of GOOSE/SV capabilities

Created: 04 Jun 2015

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)

Links: #1396 The use and configuration flow of LGOS and LSVS is Unclear

Page: 65

Clause: 9.3.2


Category: No impact on this part


TISSUE 1396 defines that if an IED has GOOSE/SV supervision capability, there shall be as many LGOS/LSVS as there are GOOSE/SV subscriptions.
Thus, the subscription limits SupSubscription.maxGo and maxSv are obsolete, as they should be the same as the ClientServices.maxGOOSE and maxSMV respectively.


Deprecate SupSubscription.maxGo and SupSubscription.maxSv (if they are present they must be equal to ClientServices.maxGOOSE and maxSMV respectively).
Add two boolean attributes with value default false goose and sv to SupSubscription to indicate whether supervision of GOOSE (through LGOS) and SV (through LSVS) are supported by the IED.

Discussion Created Status
16 Jul 15 In Force (green)
As the current solution fulfills the requirements set up in Regina 8see discussion below), for backwards compatibility reasons no change is made. 07 Jul 15 Ballot Period
The current solution fulfills a) (indicates if / that an IED supports supervision), and additionally b) (states how many instances it provides / can provide). Therefore no changes needed.
The open issue is Tissue 1396: it must be decided if only static configuration of LGOS/LSVS source is allowed, or if the source can also dynamically be changed. A second iss is if ALL LGOS/LSVS instances must exist in the data model, or if additionally it can be allowed that the system tool creates instances inside the limits defined by this SCL element. For both decisions no change of this SCL element is needed, and for backwards compatibility also not recommended.
30 Jun 15 Discussion (red)
Decision at WG10 meeting was, that (a) an IED can decide if it supports supervision of either GOOSE or SV (independently) and (b) if it supports it, has to support as many as it allows for GOOSE or SV subscriptions. So we need to know if supervision is supported.

Proposal: Support the original proposal that is the compromise decided at WG10 meeting in Regina
25 Jun 15 Discussion (red)


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