1377   Presence of synchrocheck check condition in an Open control command

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Created: 24 Apr 2015


Page: 169



Category: No impact on this part

Issue: Today there is no statement in the standard whether the synchrocheck check bit can be set or must not be set in the Open control command. Technically, the order to perform check synchronizing as a condition to an Open control in not applicable, as with a closed CB there are no differences in V, f or phi.

In projects interoperability incompatibilities were found when the client issued the Open control command with synchrocheck check bit set, while the server refused this control as an inappropriate command.

Proposal: A sentence to be added to clause to define this detail, e.g. "In the open control command the synchrocheck check bit shall not be set."

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
03 Sep 15 green
No change. 20 Jul 15 final proposal 20 August 2015
The standard already states "shal be ignored"
In case that the addressed function respective data object does not
support these checks, the appropriate check bits shall be ignored and the command be handled.

No change required for the open command with check.synchrocheck set.
13 Jul 15 red
I would add to the proposed sentence: "...which is not implemented or configured to check synchronization..". 13 May 15 red
This is also an issue for a close command to an object which does not need synchrocheck at all, for whatever reason. Therefore the sentence should be similar to: If a command demands a synchrocheck from a receiver which is not implemented to check synchronisation for this kind of command, this demand shall be ignored (synchronisation assumed to be not necessary respective fulfilled) and the command executed. 28 Apr 15 red


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